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Home Bushfire Advice Service

Book a FREE Home Bushfire Advice Visit

CFA’s Home Bushfire Advice Service offers personalised, tailored advice delivered at your property by trained Fire Safety Officers.

Find out about:

  • Your level of bushfire risk
  • Fire hazards on your property and how to manage them
  • How to develop a Bushfire Survival Plan so you family knows what to do on high risk fire days.

 Receive one-on-one individual advice about:

  • Property maintenance to help lower your bushfire risk
  • Property access
  • Improving defendable space
  • Vegetation management
  • Water supply requirements
  • Your personal capacity to cope with fire.
 You’ll also receive a confidential written report and peace of mind knowing how to make your home Fire Ready.

This service is free and offered year round and appointments take approximately one hour, depending on your requirements.

Am I living in a high bushfire risk area?

 You can start your own self-assessment of bushfire risk by visiting the CFA’s Am I at Risk webpage.


Prepare your garden

 Landscaping for bushfire is much the same as any type of gardening except there are a few more planning steps. It involves planning, designing, planting and managing the area around your house. Find out more about preparing your garden