Safe Mistake Zone – Healesville Fire Brigade
Residential Bushland properties cannot burn off from 1 June until 31 July.
We are CFA


CFA and MFB have launched a new campaign to help raise awareness of the little mistakes people can make which may lead to a home fire.

Home fires can start and take hold within seconds, so it’s vital to pay attention. It’s human to make little mistakes, to forget something or get something slightly wrong.

One thing that unites many home fires is when a person makes a mistake, a moment of carelessness, forgetfulness or neglect which leads to a home fire.

Safe Mistake would you?

We’ve created the Safe Mistake Zone. A place you can go to get the mistakes out of your system where they won’t start a home fire.

At Safe Mistake Zone you can choose to make some funny little mistakes like starring in Australia’s most embarrassing advertising campaign or sending a friend a mystery email, mistakes that won’t start a home fire.

Visit site to participate in this interactive campaign and share our fire safety message using #safemistake

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