Total Fire Ban and High Fire Danger this weekend – Healesville Fire Brigade
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Media Release: Friday, 16 March 2018

Fire Danger Still Prevalent

There is a forecast potential for increased fire danger this weekend. Given the hot, dry
and windy weather conditions expected, it is a timely reminder that the Fire Danger
Period and Fire Restrictions are still in force across the state; this means NO BURNING

Fire agencies across the state are preparing for the high risk conditions; this means
everyone needs to stay vigilant, informed and monitor your local conditions.

District 13 Operations Manager Dave Renkin stated, “While summer has ended, the fire
risk to Victorians is still very present due to the lack of rainfall and dry conditions. All
residents need to ensure they stay informed and are prepared to enact their fire plans.”
For further information on fire restrictions go to: Restrictions during the Fire Danger Period


Planned burns may also commence to be carried out by DELWP, Parks Vic and CFA
within the coming weeks. Planned burning can only be done in very mild and stable
weather conditions. These conditions occur in a narrow weather window of five to eight
weeks a year in spring and autumn. General burning off during the Fire Danger Period
is banned. For more information go to: